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Création de sites Web pour photographes, hébergement et suivi


Whether you have taken part in the workshops or not, Vis A Vis proposes you a follow-up of your photographic work with a view to helping you find your own individual way and the most suitable photographic expression for you from both content and form points of view.

We'll analyse your photos together to give you coherent guidelines and help you stand back from your work which, if not always easy, is essential as a springboard to any constructive stage. These lessons will provide an outsider's critical eye on your photos, analysis and assessment, at a pace throughout the year that you can set.

There are monthly, quarterly or annual set price formulę which include minimum work sessions of 3 hours, tailored to your timetable:

> Monthly : 1900 € (12 lessons during the year)
> Quaterly : 900 € (4 lessons during the year)
> Annual : 250 € (1 meeting for assessment of your work, for a web site, a pressbook or for your progress)

With 30 years experience in publishing, artistic management of exhibitions and teaching image criticism, Nathalie Luyer will accompany you in developing your own personal expression. This progress will be based on your own existing photographic work (even from rough prints with a minimum of thirty or so images) and your work throughout the year. The major photographers who have influenced the history of photography and been milestones along its way will provide the benchmarks you can discover in parallel to your own development track, in a library of books rich in colour and B&W.

These 1-to-1 lessons are aimed at all photographers who wish to move forward in their work by regularly comparing their way of looking at things with that of a professional in the imaging field. Together we can work out a directon to develop your vision. An outsider's viewpoint is often needed for that. Lessons take place in Vis A Vis Paris premises or via Internet. They are in French, English or Spanish. The year runs from your enrolment date.

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Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced photographer, in 1x1 or small customized groups of 4 to 6 people, VISAVISWORKSHOP proposes beginner and more advanced training programs to master argentic and digital photography techniques that will be an invaluable help in enhancing your creative work.

> silver and digital shooting

Learn to master the parameters of argentic and digital shooting: lighting, movement, depth of field, exposures etc. by practising on concrete cases, thereby optimising your use of film or helping you get the best from your digital camera.

> digital imaging

Digital imaging techniques are today a must and open up new horizons for your photographic work, whether you favour argentic or digital mode. Learn how to retouch your images with Photoshop and master the final rendering of your photographs through adjustment of the image chain and the possibilities offered by digital printing.

Patrick Fournial After training at Paris' Engineering School and a Master in cinema at La Sorbonne/Paris, Patrick Fournial was at the begining realisator' assistant before dedicate himself into photography.
He has been working a long time for institutions and presse and in the same time he has been developing his personal work. In 2005 he wound the Arcimboldo price for the digital imaging.
He then became trainer and consultant in digital imaging.His experience as a freelance consultant and as photographer will help you to acquire and master the photographic techniques in order to improve your creative work.

Depending on your own requirements and skills, different options are offered for these classes :

> silver and digital shooting

3-hours lessons divided into 4, 8 or 12 sessions according to level

400 €(4 sessions : 12hrs)
700 €(8 sessions : 24hrs)
900 €(12 sessions : 36hrs)

> digital imaging

Depending on the theme chosen or your experience

300 € (1 day : 8hrs)
750 € (3 days : 24hrs)
1200 € (5 days : 40h)
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You're after a simple, efficient and personalized site. So your content needs to be coherent and concise with optimised viewing for your pictures.

The first stage, therefore, is to analyse the content of your photographs and all your work. Together, we discuss how best to organise, choose and find the most suitable solution for presenting it. This is the key stage for giving your site a coherent content, but also for helping you assess the work already achieved. This objective analysis provided by an outside and professional eye will also be priceless for your future work.

Then, the design stage will provide shape, with the use of good composition, colour, typography. For us, a good design should back up an idea or the meaning of a content and afford simple, intuitive navigation. It is a tool, not an end in itself. VISAVISWORKSHOP's aim is to use this tool to create an eye-catching site whose images people will remember, even offline.

With this aim in mind, a team of professionals and a multi-skill freelance network of graphic designers, copywriters, editors and translators work together to produce a site that reflects your personality and your quality requirements.

> Price

There is a set price for each site which includes:
content analysis . concept . creation . production and a year's hosting = 1,000 euros incl. tax


1. Links exchange

At the end of the workshop in Italy or Paris or after the creation of your site, VISAVISWORKSHOP proposes to host you on a reference platform, in direct line with the other site, VISAVIS PHOTO, whose online selection design presents 6 photographers on the 6th of every month with 6 photos, like the 36 exposures of a film with different approaches.

Vis-ą-vis of each other, the sister sites foster photographic creation. On a monthly basis, VISAVISPHOTO offers a virtual link between photographers worldwide brought together each month by a common theme. VISAVISWORKSHOP proposes this link in real format, so that photographers from all countries can meet and share the technique, aesthetic approach and sensitivity of other recognized photographers and professionals from the photography world.

Hosted on this twin platform, your own site is in direct touch with professionals in the imaging world whose interests could overlap with yours. These links are also included with the mailing sent each month to over 5,000 institutions, galleries, agencies, iconographers, photography schools and photographers throughout the world - and, of course, with all the links that the dual VISAVIS has established with numerous sites listed on VISAVIS PHOTO.

2. Optimizing the web site

  • Searching for the most relevant keywords in relation to the site theme
  • Optimising each site page for title, meta tags (baseline, keywords) and the page itself (keyword density on the page, alt tag, name of links)
  • Google-tailored optimising

3. Referencing

  • Manual referencing of some ten Internet search engines and directories
  • Choice of relevant sections in the directories
  • Automatic referencing with 100 engines and directories for enhanced site presence on the web
  • Manual follow-up of referencing after 3 and 12 months
  • Checking that the site is indexed in the engines and registered in the selected sections of the directories
  • Renewal of operations if necessary and referencing top-up
  • If needs be, adapting meta tags and titles

> Specific technical aspects

Space from 100 Mbytes to 2Gbytes and more

> An annual contract

This hosting is an annual contract whose cost is included in the set prices for the workshops in Italy and Paris or the Creation of your site by VISAVISWORKSHOP. After the first year, an annual set price of €100 will enable you keep your site on view on VISAVISWORKSHOP. For all the photographers who would like to have their own websites hosted in VISAVISWORKSHOP the cost is €200.

> Managing the site

After conception, construction and going online, hosted on VISAVISWORKSHOP, if you wish, you can update the contents as your work evolves. Certain photos can, therefore, be changed or others added. A quarterly or annual set price is proposed:

Quarterly: €400 (4 updates)
Annual: €200 (1 update)


To register or receive further information, don't hesitate to call or mail :

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